Consequences Of Procrastination

While updating your HVAC system may feel like something you can put off, it also might not be.

Clock sitting on a ledge.

A furnace’s replacement is not an infinitely deferrable item. Furnaces have a design life and will eventually fail. Government data shows that the vast majority of safety problems occur in the last year of a furnace’s use. Waiting may seem cost effective but there are real consequences in waiting:

1.Your family’s health may be jeopardized.

If the primary component of the furnace, the heat exchanger, fails, carbon monoxide may be pumped through the ductwork into every room in your home. This colorless and odorless gas is hazardous to the health of everyone exposed to it in even small concentrations. Don’t take chances with this deadly gas. At the very least, have your old furnace checked at least once a year and install a carbon monoxide detector in the furnace area. Don’t forget to have that monitor checked annually as well.

2. Loss of choice.

If you procrastinate too long you may find that the furnace you want is not available when you need it. Heating companies don’t hold a every size of every model furnace in their inventories. In an emergency you might have to settle for more or less furnace than you would like to install.

3. Lost energy savings.

Your old furnace is using more gas than a new furnace would use. Even if you don’t purchase an ultra high efficiency furnace you will save money with a properly installed new furnace. Most homeowners find their energy savings erase most if not all of the new furnace’s cost over time.

4. Comfort is sub standard.

A good installing dealer will recommend a furnace and additional comfort options that will make your entire home more comfortable. Additional ductwork, ductwork modifications, air cleaners, humidifiers, and variable speed blower systems are just a few of the things that your dealer may recommend for your consideration. The longer you wait to replace your furnace the longer you will wait to be truly comfortable in your own home.

5. Increased costs.

Like almost every product, furnaces go up in cost every year. While any one increase seems small, over time, the increased costs may prevent you from including a much needed comfort option at the time you install your new furnace. Additionally, if you wait until your furnace has to be installed on an emergency basis, you will probably find that you will pay a premium for that installation.

6. Lost promotional savings.

Like most other products, there are better times to purchase furnaces than others. If you plan properly you can arrange to have a furnace installed in your home during the “off season” and save hundreds of dollars. Additionally, you might find rebate programs that can also save you hundreds of dollars if you time your purchase properly.

Procrastination is simple but has real costs. Take the time now to start your buying process and you will maintain control the process. Don’t let events dictate your actions.